The town of Langenargen is located in one of the most beautiful places at Lake Constance, between the rivers “Argen” and “Schussen”. The far shore that is visible from here offers a marvelous view of the Swiss and Austrian Alps.

Lakeside Bathing Place Langenargen

The lovely bathing place is a great place for old and young alike to have a good time at Lake Constance.


Enjoy this lovely place – with a refreshing bath in the lake, a ride on a ship, or a stroll down the promenade. The lakeside promenade in Friedrichshafen is one of Lake Constance’s longest and most beautiful promenades.
Enjoy the beautiful view of the lake as well as the Swiss and Austrian Alps on a walk from the mouth of the Rotach to the castle church.

Zeppelin Museum

If you are interested in technology, you will not regret a visit to the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen.

Dornier Museum

Anyone can be a pioneer – this is the message that the Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen wants to deliver to visitors. Located right at the airport, it lets you experience 100 years of aerospace history. The architectural style of the museum is designed to resemble an airplane hangar, it covers a floor area of 5,000m² (more than an acre), and the museum is home to 400 exciting exhibits that give you pioneering spirit up-close: for technology enthusiasts, anyone interested in history, families, and those interested in aviation.

Dornier Event GmbH
Claude-Dornier-Platz 1 (at the airport)
88046 Friedrichshafen

Phone: +49 7541 487 36 14
Fax: +49 7541 487 36 51

“Schulmuseum” (school museum)

The school museum in Friedrichshafen will bring you back to school. Discover how early schools in this area were introduced and what classrooms looked like around 1850, 1900 and 1930. Old school equipment, such as pencil boxes, school bags and school cones tell a story of the old days. And anyone can try for themselves what it was like to write on an old slate panel with a slate pencil while sitting at a two-seat school desk.
Punishments, such as caning, making children sitting on a wooden donkey or making them kneel on a piece of wood, are dark sides of what used to be common practice in schools, where generations of children were disciplined to become both obedient and hard-working.

Opening hours: April – October: 10 AM – 5 PM daily
November – March: Tuesday to Sunday 2 – 5 PM

Friedrichstr. 14, Phone: +49 7541-32622; Fax: +49 7541-370335

Bregenz (AT)

The Bregenz Festival is an absolute highlight:
The large lakeside stage, the most interesting film directors,
unique opera performances, and for 50 years now
also one of the finest orchestras:
The Wiener Symphoniker

The Pfänder Cable Car

You can make it to the top in this town:
From up on the Pfänder, you can look at the marvelous panoramic view of the Swiss mountains to Lake Constance, from the Allgäu to the summits of the Bregenz Forest, and all the way to the Widderstein at the border to Tyrol.


The Imperia Statue

Imperia, the famous sculpture by the artist Peter Lenk, greets visitors of Constance at the entrance of the harbor. The statue is 9 meters tall (30 feet) and weighs 18 tons. “Imperia” refers to a short story by French author Honoré de Balzac about “La Belle Impéria” (The Fair Imperia), a story that plays during the Council at Constance (1414-1418).

Sealife Constance

You will love the new exhibition: „Neptuns Kindergarten“
The exhibition on the Mediterranean Sea presents the colorful world of marine animals in 320,000 liters of water.


Lindau is home to about 25,000 people. The Mediterranean town on the eastern shore of Lake Constance, where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet, is famous for it’s island and its beautiful parks and gardens. The harbor entrance with the lighthouse and the majestic Bavarian lions is the beautiful town’s landmark. Lindau counts approximate 800,000 overnight stays per year. Since 1951, Nobel prize winners from all around the world meet here. Another annual event is Lindau’s provessional convention on psychotherapy, the “Lindauer Psychotherapiewochen”. The fruit from this region, especially the apples, are well-known and popular beyond the borders of Germany.


A paradise in the middle of Lake Constance: Mainau Island is one of the biggest tourist attractions 
of the country. Beautiful lush flowers year-round, a park with trees that are more than 150 years old, the baroque splendor of the castle and church, the Mediterranean charm – this is the flowering island Mainau on Lake Constance. Visit one of Germany’s largest butterfly sanctuaries where you can see about 40 different kinds of butterflies up-close. A comprehensive nature experience, fun and variety for the little ones: the island offers several exciting playgrounds, a farm with petting zoo, pony back riding, and lovely flower animals. The island also features many hugely popular and sparkling events, such as the Gräfliches Inselfest (translates to “Count’s Island Festival”) and the Gräfliches Schlossfest (translates to “Count’s Castle Festival”) as well as the Island’s open-air concerts.


The especially interesting location of Meersburg at a steep hillside vineyard directly at the lake has attracted people for centuries. Legend has it that the Merovingians were the first to build the medieval fortifications that are still a well-visible part of the town.


The lovely old city features a pedestrian zone as well as numerous cafés, restaurants and shops that invite you to take a stroll. The long lakeside promenade, the harbor and the boat rental provide relaxation. The bathing spots and various sports and leisure offers make sure that you never get bored.


The centrally located Marienplatz (plaza of St. Mary) is the ideal starting point to explore the town of towers and gates. The plaza as well as the streets and alleys are busy places: Among them are the Bachstraße, where the town’s small stream flows openly, and the carefully renovated market street. Pedestrian zones invite you to stroll and shop. You can conveniently connect a shopping tour and a visit at the historic town center – either on your own or with an experienced guide. Ravensburg is becoming a town of museums and has an attractive museums quarter.
Art Museum
Museum Humpis
Museum Ravensburger
Museum of Economics

The Ravensburger Spieleland

This popular theme park offers adventure, games, and action for the entire family! Experience unforgettable moments with the entire family at Lake Constance’s theme park: rise up high at the memory® flight, join the hippo on a water ride, or go on an adventure with Kätp’n Blaubär (the blue bear who is a famous sea captain). Seven themed areas offer more than 60 attractions on an area of more than 60 acres!


This town meets the high requirements for becoming a world heritage site in a special way. The three well-preserved medieval churches are without doubt a masterpiece of human creation.

Solar Ships on Lake Constance

You can see elegant solar-powered catamarans on Lake Constance. The story of these environmentally-friendly water vessels started with the 10-meter-long RA-33 ship that was officially named by Constance’s mayor at the time, Horst Frank, in 1997.

Romanshorn (CH)

Swimming or paddling, surfing or sailing, fishing or diving – water offers almost limitless possibilities. Even those who are “only” looking to enjoy the wonderful view of the lake will not be disappointed by Romanshorn.

Rorschach (CH)

The famous mountain railway leads from Lake Constance up to the Biedermeier village Heiden. The view of the southern shore of Lake Constance is one of a kind.
Start your trip in Rorschach and go on an unforgettable tour with two mountain railways, the postal delivery car, and a ship. You will love the marvelous view of the entire lake and the German shore. Another nice experience for speakers of German is the “Witzweg”, a hiking trail that features jokes on sign posts and leads in the direction of Walzenhausen.

The historic rack-and-pinion railway leads from Rheineck to Walzenhausen, climbing 267 meters in hight within as little as 6 minutes.

Schaffhausen (CH)

Schaffenhausen is famous for its waterfall, the Rhine Falls. The old city center of Schaffenhausen with its romantic pedestrian zone and alleys, however, will not disappoint you either. The numerous town houses with their oriels and façade paintings as well as several nice fountains are interesting to visit.


Soft hills and green meadows as well as the proximity to Lake Constance make Hegau an ideal destination for hikers and bikers.
The Hohentwiel, king of the volcanos of the Hegau, will impress you with its large German fortification ruins that cover an area of 9.92ha (more than 24 acres).

St.Gallen (CH)

St. Gallen owes its special position in the cultural history of Europe primarily to artists who lived and worked there: famous authors, architects, and painters. The town’s cultural heritage is still very important and part of the local population’s lives. There is quite a lot to see, be it on a guided tour, a visit to a library, a museum or at one of the numerous concerts.

Stein am Rhein (CH)

Stein am Rhein is a real treasure with its painted town houses, gates, towers, and museums that are always worth a visit.

Säntis (CH)

Visit the Alpine Show Dairy on the Schwägalp, go see the educational nature park, or simply hike the wonderful landscape of the idyllic moor.

When the weather allows it, you can see six countries from the summit from which you have a 360° view.


Stilt House Museum Unteruhldingen

Located directly at Lake Constance, the “Pfahlbaumuseum” in Unteruhldingen has been one of THE attractions of the area for more than 90 years. In 2011, the UNESCO declared the stilt houses a new world cultural heritage. But what does the world cultural heritage look like under water? You can see for yourself at the “ARCHAEORMA” that takes visitors on an underwater adventure with multi-media support. The storytelling machine is designed to tell exciting stories about archeology with the help of modern technology. This lets us see what is normally hidden from us under water. Visiting the stilt houses is possible year-round. Opening hours, events and entry fees are available on the museum’s website.


You will love this historic town’s charm. History is alive in the cobble-stone paved alleys, the stepped gables, patrician houses, and half-timber houses. Überlingen’s major landmark, the tower of St. Nikolaus, greets visitors from all directions.